Darknet is a segment of the Internet that is hidden from public access. The connection in it is established between trusted peers (participants) in encrypted form, using non-standard ports and protocols. The darknet uses its own DNS, that is, domains, and Dark web Directory address space. The main resources in the Darknet are all kinds of shops, forums with illegal information and other sites to which claims could arise on the regular Internet. In the shadow segment of the Network, they sell databases, take orders for hacking accounts and conducting cyber attacks, sell drugs and illegal pornography. This black market has reached its heyday thanks to the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are quite difficult to track transactions for. In addition to illegal trade, the Darknet makes it possible for residents of countries where there is political persecution and there is no freedom of speech to communicate safely. Darknet search engines use sophisticated software to search the hidden network and index all the information found. After indexing, search engines allow you to find information through the system interface. To increase the search capabilities, it is important to understand what information the search engine finds best. Regardless of the search engine in the Darknet, the user will find sites hidden from the general public and useful for searching for certain information. To stay safe, you need to avoid illegal sites on the dark Internet. The user should always use a reliable VPN to avoid hacking. A darkweb is a part of the world Wide Web, which is located in darknets, and which can only be accessed using special software. The Darkweb belongs to the deep web, that is, it is part of the network that is inaccessible to ordinary search engines. A darknet is an overlay network that cannot be detected by conventional methods and access to which is provided through special software. The visible network is a part of the World Wide Web that is open and easily accessible to the general public and indexed by search engines. The darknet was specially created hidden and anonymous so that no one could censor or restrict the activities of participants. It is in anonymity that the main advantage of the darknet lies. Such a technology for preserving user privacy is neutral in itself, but it can be used both for the benefit of developing creative forms of communication and for socially dangerous acts — drug trafficking, posting pornographic content, selling weapons, searching for murderers for hire, virtual untraceable currency, etc. But in fact, this anonymity is apparent. Traces of each person are found even on the lower layers of the digital Twilight. From 2013 to 2020, more than 9.7 billion data records leaked to the Darknet Market list - https://darkmarketindex.com/ , and this number is constantly growing.